Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stroll around my Kitchen!
This section of my Kitchen is Lactose Free, for people who are allergic to milk
and the byproducts of milk (cheese, etc).
I hope you can find some good recipes here! :-)


Oatmeal-Walnut Pancakes

Eggless Chocolate Cake

Date Nut Muffins (non-dairy)

Dairy Free Potato Leek Soup

Healthy Butternut Squash Soup

Dairy Free Cheesecake

Salmon Fillets Baked in Foil

"fronch" Toast

South African Samp and Beans (Umngqusho)

Carrot Cake (Gluten-Free, Casein/Dairy-Free)

Great Key Lime Pie (Vegan, but You'd Never Guess It!)

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